The awful events in the UK bring back the fear and uncertainty of the seventies when the terrorists in Buenos Aires kept our city under siege. And we had to keep going about our lives. 
As they say in Manchester today, We Are Strong. 
It takes a great deal of courage to stay strong, to keep our routines, to go about our business, even when we feel like a target, and that at any minute, our lives may be shattered.
Stay strong, Manchester. 

Photo Associated Press
In 1977, a group of brave women whose children disappeared, began peaceful demonstrations, demanding to know where their children were. They wore white scarves and walked in a circle in front of Casa Rosada, the government house, where officials could see them. 

At first, they were on their own in the plight to find their children but soon others joined them, and eventually they became the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo. Their courage, persistence and loyalty to each other made them a worldwide phenomenon.

In the chaos of the seventies, radical group, Montoneros declared that 30,000 persons had been "disappeared" by the military regime. The number spread like wildfire around the world.
Some time ago, Luis Labraña, above, confessed that he made up the number so that the Mothers could get grants from Holland. He was very successful.
The Mothers of Paza de Mayo raked in some $300 million dollars to help families in need. But there was…

I was frightened of another extremist -- whether right or left, I don't care. What is good, and real, and true lies somewhere in the centre.

Emmanuel Macron, President of France
"He's young, full of energy, and he's not explaining what he'll do for France but how people will get opportunities.  He's the only one to have this kind of message."
Of all the reports I read, this one hit home. What young people need most today, is opportunity.
Hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails was the answer for Argentina's militants during the Dirty War. Not much has changed, except for the masks and gloves. Plus ça change.

From the BBC website -- Clashes between followers of the late president Chavez, his replacement Nicolas Maduro, and their opposition has led to tension across Venezuela. Photo by Meredith Kohut.
One president is dead (Chavez), the other (Maduro) is on his way out, and people are fighting each other for the chance to fill the void.

Posted from the BBC website -- Specialist Hilda Clayton, 22, and four Afghan National Army soldiers died when a mortar shell blew up during a training exercise on 2 July 2013. This pic was taken by Specialist Clayton. They were military photojournalists, specially trained to do the job of documenting the war. 
In Argentina, we lost 120 journalists during the nightmarish Dirty War.
What is the opposite of Integrity?

Integrity means having a moral code.
The opposite is corruption.

In my view, neither army -- Montoneros or the armed forces -- had integrity. The result was a war of annihilation which left nearly 7,000 dead at the hands of the armed forces, and 10,000 dead or maimed for life, at the hands of the terrorists.

Twenty four million Argentines were stuck in the middle of the two warring factions.

Everyone was a target. Fear and despair were a way of life. 

Word on the street was, "A body every five hours, a bomb every three".

How did we get this way?

"Outrage" follows a terrorist cell. It delves into the reasons why educated, middle class young people morphed into mass killers.


There is an interesting article by Michael Barker for, a page I like on Facebook.

In it, Barker discusses the efforts of the wealthy elites to thwart the working classes in their struggle with capitalism.

Barker goes on to describe the various ways in which government and elites resist our plight for "genuine democracy". One example is of an expert, heavily funded by several agencies and organizations, who measures the "success" of a demonstration, or uprising.

It gave me goosebumps.

The last time the success of an uprising was measured--Argentina, circa 1970s-- approximately 6,348 people disappeared.

The caption reads: "Remember that the disappeared were not 30,000 but 6,348. They were not young idealists, they were killers who killed 1,541 people, kidnapped 1,746, and carried out 5,042 attacks.