"We now accept that terrorism might manifest anywhere. Even far flung corners of the earth."
                                                      --  Colby Cosh, National Post

The RCMP officer, Constable Michael Chernyk, an 11 year veteran, was struck by a car, and stabbed, while he carried out traffic duties at the Edmonton Eskimos game on Saturday.

Constable Chernyk is recovering at home. But the Somali refugee who attacked him will not recover from this. 

The Somali attacker stole a U-Haul and ran over pedestrians, injuring many, until he was caught. I expect he will not be granted refugee status in Canada.

In Marseille, a man attacked two women at the train station. He yelled "Allahu Akbar"and killed them both with a knife. He was shot dead by soldiers.
Anyone, anywhere, anytime.

This is how we lived in Argentina in the 1970s - wondering when the store, post office, cafe or restaurant would blow. But our terrorists operated in small groups; …
Saturday night's attack on a police officer in Edmonton is being treated as a terrorist attack. 
A lone driver hit the officer with his car, then got out and stabbed him. The officer is recovering in hospital.
The man fled on foot.

Later that night, the man was driving a U-Haul. When a policeman stopped him and asked for his driver's license, the man sped away, aiming for, and hitting four pedestrians.
The man has been arrested. Soon we'll have more news about his motive, but I suspect we already know.
As the little girl said in the film 'Poltergeist': "They're here."
The key is to remain calm, stay vigilant, be ready for anything-- lone wolf attacks are the most difficult to anticipate, police have said. 

ANTIFA -- The Rise of the Left

The radical left which calls itself Antifa for anti-fascists has resorted to violence in the wake of right-wing gatherings, marches and demonstrations. The result is ugly.
Victims of state terror: 6,348     Victims of terror: 17,038
Who's right? Who's wrong?
The right wing groups clamour for free speech. The left-wingers want to shut them up.
What's wrong is violence. There is no thought or reflection here, no plans for change. There's only conflict and discord.
In Argentina, back in the seventies, the radical groups behaved like those today in Canada and the U.S. When the right went out to stop them, the result was the Dirty War which left more than 20,000 dead or maimed for life.
     The Argentine workers union 
Violence will not resolve anything. Antifa, and their opposites, the so-called Authoritarians, will continue to clash, and the casualties will rise.
Leadership should be the antidote but, Where is it? Democrats cannot attach themselves …
Democratic governor, Terry McAuliffe, said to the extremist groups rioting in Virginia: 'GO HOME'.
Thank you, governor. With a weak, detached government in the White House, it was necessary for us to hear McAuliffe's words.
The wave of terror in Argentina began with a weak government, a leadership vacuum, divisiveness, anger and willfulness. 
All extremes are dangerous - What is good, and real and true will be found somewhere in the centre.
Today there was an attack in Barcelona. Thirteen people were killed, as far as we know, and hundreds were injured. 
For what?
Extremism of every kind still rules in the streets. Anywhere you go, you become a target.
If this doesn't stop, there will be carnage, just as we had during the constitutional government of Isabel Perón in the 1970s. It was the army that went out to stop the terrorists, and we ended up with  6,348 disappeared under state terror, and 17,000 dead and injured by the …
News reports say that, around 20 young women have joined ISIL as wives and fighters. Some experts think this is a result of savvy recruiting techniques by members of the caliphate.

The female terrorists in Argentina were ferocious. Many were cell leaders, some led attacks on the military, the police, and the public. They were extremely active. These young women were not there to have babies, but to kill as many as possible, for the survival of the marxist cause.
There is something to say for the recruiters. A few years ago I met a woman who'd been a militant in the 70s. When I told her I was writing a book, she agreed to talk about the old days, in confidence. Her first words to me were: "I am not proud of what I did."
But as she remembered her comrades, I could see how intense, how involved and proud she became. 
She's still impressed, I thought.
I wonder whether this steadfast enthusiasm has to do with the way she was recruited--whe…
Omar Khadr was born in Canada in 1986. His family took him to Afghanistan while still a child. While in Afghanistan, Omar was trained as a fighter. 

Eventually Omar was involved in an attack on U.S. troops and was caught. He was accused of lobbing the grenade that killed Christopher Speer of Delta Force, and taken to Guantánamo Bay. Omar was 15.

Omar was detained for 10 years, and is the first person since World War II to be prosecuted in a military commission for war crimes committed while still a minor. 

Colin Perkel/Canadian Press
While in prison, he was questioned by Canadian officials who failed to apply Canadian standards for the treatment of detained youth suspects.

Under a ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada, Khadr was repatriated in 2012 to serve the remainder of his sentence in Canadian custody.

He appealed his conviction, and won an out-of-court settlement of $10 million. Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under fire f…
There is a formidable report on the BBC website today by Quentin Sommerville and Riam Dalati about the secret lives of IS fighters. The journalists found the youths dead by the Tigris river while on tour with Iraqi police special forces.
The journalists say that the dead IS fighters had started out while they were still children. 
The report is incredibly detailed, and deeply moving. The photos are harrowing.
The story took me back to Argentina in the seventies when ten high school students joined a campaign to recover the student discount on the public transportation system. The students were arrested, beaten, abused. Four survived. The others disappeared.

In the fifties, Evita Perón proclaimed, "Get them while they're young." In the seventies, Montoneros, recruited young people to carry out jobs such as delivering messages, and recruiting people for the cause. When the coup d'état came, and the generals went out to stop the terror, those kids paid with…